A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

run through dungeons. collect plants. bring them back to your garden. plant them. sell them. go deeper.

Controls --

"A" - N

"B" - M

"Start" - Z

"D-Pad" - WASD

jump with "A"

Interact with "B"

click "UP" to throw rope

click "START" to open inventory


PlantGame.zip 26 MB


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Cute graphics, very fitting for the small resolution. The movement and gameplay seem fine, could use some nice sounds and/or music. I would have preferred to have the tutorial correspond to keys on the keyboard rather than keys on a GameBoy. When being told to press A on the screen I find myself pressing the actual A key on my computer keyboard, then have to look over on the instructions to remember that A corresponds to N. I know it's probably there to retain that GameBoy feel, but it would be more ideal to not confuse players and just have the instructions match up with the keyboard.